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Before and After

Move the sliders to reveal the redesigned PowerPoint slides

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The following video goes in to a little more detail

I occasionally work with a marketing company called Secret Source, they are a good bunch. They had recently designed themselves a new corporate ID, but had no new PowerPoint deck yet.

I was looking for content for a portfolio piece, this portfolio piece in fact. So, they set me a challenge and deliberately dug out a very old and out of date deck and said – ’you wanted before and after slides – See what you can do with that’ 

Challenge accepted!

They loved it and it became their new template across the board. We created a toolkit that included all the new branding elements as well as an updated theme, Master pages, colours, graphics, charts and icons. All natively built in PowerPoint and re-usable over and over again. 

Watch the video below

Make it impactful – but above all make it memorable.

You and your team have spent countless hours, days, weeks preparing this presentation for a pitch, event or training session. All of that will be in vain if no one sees it or remembers it.

In some cases, you may only get 20 minutes in front of a decision maker. They may not make that decision until next week, or longer. Make sure your presentation is the one they remember, not your competitor’s.

Your next deal could be worth £100,000 – Spend 1% of that potential income and show all of your hard work and effort in its best light. Make it impactful – but above all make it memorable. By the way, this little video was entirely created in PowerPoint.

We will grab their attention and keep it with engaging content. Once we have their attention, they are more likely to remember it

Do any of these Scenarios sound familiar


So, what will you get?

We won’t create a single presentation, we will create a powerful toolkit that can be used over and over, edited and repurposed. All graphics and page elements will be PowerPoint native. The majority of which can be reused and edited in any colour in the theme. This also keeps the file size in check.

We will turn text heavy slides into concise memorable pages with punchy headlines with strong graphics and charts. We’ll add just the right amount of a delight layer on top. From Pitch presentations to Tradeshows with eBook follow-up content.

We will sort out inconsistencies – Fonts, Colours and Page layout creating trust within your brand.

  • Set up masters for titles and content
  • Set up colours within a theme (if not already set up)
  • Set up fonts
  • Set default text boxes and shapes styles

You will have a slick PowerPoint presentation gets your messaging across, looks great and is consistent with your other communications. And, above all – be memorable.

Your PowerPoint presentations will match up with your website, thought leadership articles, digital content and social media, right down to the humble business card.

Icons showing Internal presentation, Pitch decks, Training and Tradeshow presentations

Let’s create something

If you need a new presentation or need to breathe life in to an old one. Drop me a line. Lets discuss how we can make you stand out in the crowd and make your slide decks impactful but above all memorable.